The owner of the domain virtualfreedom.de can be contacted by email at www [at] virtualfreedom.de.
Additional contact details are found in the WHOIS database provided by DENIC.

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Unless otherwise noted, all own contents of this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (human-readable summary). Please use the pseudonym random for the creator attribution.


Personal data is only processed on this domain as needed for the contents and operation of the services of this domain. The details are described below.

Some data is logged for every access to content and use of a service of this domain. An access to content is for example the retrieval of a webpage using a browser while sending an email to a recipient of this domain constitutes the use of a service.
Logging is a temporary storage of data in logfiles to ensure the accessibility of contents and correct functioning of services.
Logfiles are kept for 7 days and deleted afterwards. Logged data may be stored for longer timeframes dedicated to exceptional cases (as evidence for security incidents), if required for legal purposes.
Personal data is logged based on GDPR Article 6 (1) f).
Logfiles are These logs are evaluated from time to time to identify and remedy errors and abuse of the contents and services made available at this domain. The logged data is not used for any other purpose. Date that will be logged:

The datacenter operator additionally creates statistics about the network traffic and gives me access. These statistics contain no personal data

Please contact the domain owner by email for all further data privacy questions and requests. Do not use the email address above because I cannot guarantee a timely reply there. Please use the dedicated email address dataprivacy @ this domain (not displayed completely for spam avoidance reasons) for all privacy related communication.

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